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Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor is the famous person I have selected to discuss inspiration as she is also a singer. Teyana Taylor is my choice because, as a young woman herself, she has motivated me to advance with my business and life and has shown me that it is acceptable to take regular breaks from the outside world, regardless of the amount of pressure you are under. Teyana Taylor, the owner of Pretty Little Thing, better known as PLT, is an actress and designer. She was formerly married and has two children. Her business has grown to include young people, who wear […]

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All Wrapped Up

A feminine and dainty touch is being seen all over social media. You guessed it… bows! These little pieces of fabric have been spotted all over TikTok and Instagram, and plenty of people are embracing this simple yet girly trend. Several brands have been adapting to this trend such as Sandy Liang and Miu Miu to name a few, and are interpreting the soft girl aesthetic that everyone has been raving about into their latest collections. People have been quite creative with this trend, and have been accessorizing their bows in unique and innovative ways besides just wearing them as […]

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The Fashion Maverick: Exploring the Style Legacy of Kollin Carter

In the realm of haute couture and red carpet glamour, there are few names as synonymous with boldness and innovation as Kollin Carter. As a trailblazing stylist to some of the biggest names in entertainment, Carter has carved out a reputation for himself as a visionary force in the fashion industry. With his keen eye for detail, fearless approach to style, and unwavering commitment to authenticity, Kollin Carter has become a true icon of contemporary fashion. From his humble beginnings in Houston, Texas, to his meteoric rise to fame in the fashion capitals of the world, Carter’s journey is a […]

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Celebrating Diversity: The Art of Styling Black Women

In the world of fashion and beauty, diversity is the heartbeat that keeps creativity alive. Every individual carries a unique essence, a story woven into the fabric of their being. For Black women, this essence is profound, rich with history, culture, and resilience. From their natural curls to their radiant skin tones, Black women exude a beauty that transcends boundaries. Yet, despite their undeniable presence in the fashion world, there remains a need to celebrate and elevate the art of styling Black women. Styling Black women is not merely about choosing clothes or applying makeup—it’s about embracing and celebrating their […]

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